Have you ever seen
The vivid streaks
Of orange, red and yellow,
The blinding brightness
Yet mesmerizing vision
Of the sunset?

Have you felt
The crisp tingle,
Wet and refreshing
Frothing and cleansing,
Chilling yet beckoning
Lapping waves of the sea?

Have you heard
The coo and chirp,
Sharp yet tuned
Cheerful and chatty
Playful and sassy,
Chanter of the tropics?

So much color
So much tune
So much texture
Wow what a wonderful world!

Yet there is another paradise
One where colors have no name
And illumination is of warmth.
The rivers run of nectar
And hunger isn’t possible.
Where harmony is felt
And every breath is a song…

Look past the cover of your skin
Beyond the actions of your limbs
Though the expectations of your mind
And therein lies a land
Of milk and honey..

What is this you ask…

This is your existence
Your every day
Your very moment.

Go in search
But not too far,
All it takes
Is the want to know
The zest to find
The perspective to see,
And low and behold
You’ve found your way!



If ever a claim to ownership
It is a mother’s to her child.
Her entire focus is comfort and contentment
As she provides that aura of security and guardianship.

The child goes on her way
Each day anew
To play, learn and laugh.
The mother watches, waits and facilitates
Every one of her strengths and conquests…

Standing very close
She’s also just as ready
To pick up the pieces
To shine the light
So home of the heart
Is never far from sight.

As mothers, we sometimes cry.
But when we smile
Nothing is warmer,
Not even the rays of the sun.

But who waits for the mother?
Who laughs when she laughs?
Who’s shoulder does she lean on?

In her time
She too had her mother.
But all along
For both mother and child,
There is another.
One that’s beyond this time and space we see
Beyond the materials we hold and feel…

This guardian
Is closer than close.
So much so
That its integral form to all
Makes it the most obvious
Yet still hidden..

How can this be?!
Why is it so?!

All so perfectly postured
The discovery is as sweet
As the recognition and knowing,
Of how with every one of her steps
Her hand was always held
Her heart always filled
And all she had to do
Was to understand
This ever present divine guardianship….

Peace Prosperity Dignity

An actual reality
That comes with acceptance
Of the magnificence and simplicity,
Of what ‘Is’
‘Oh what a feeling’, Just as in the song…

A side effect of peace,
Where what is needed appears
And then flows with abundance
Enough to spare and share..

And then as if that is not plenty
Along comes Dignity…
A sheer strength
That fears nothing,
Holds no weapons
But fights all that dares
To shadow Prosperity and Peace…

So bask in all that ‘Is’
This great moment…
Welcome each person,
Each experience
And when the moment is empty of worldly noise
Accept that too
And yearn for the shrouded world within
And slowly and surely
It will also
Reveal its treasures to you…

Birds of a Feather Flock Together….


Hey you!”, said #1
“Come on up here, the view is amazing!”

“I know what you mean!” said #2
Never disagreeing with the man above

“Fine and dandy for them” said #3
“There’s clearly no more room at the top”

“I don’t want to hear your whining!” said #4
turning away

“Quit your bickering” said #5
“At least we are safe down here”

Oblivious to the trials of reaching the top
#6 and 7 are clearly lateral thinkers going their own way!

Have you got to the top of your game?
Are you helping the next man up?
Or are you looking up
Wondering if your success trip is too risky to make?

Wherein lies your real success?

It’s in knowing you are here
In this space
In this time

So whatever your stance
Enjoy the dance
As you reached your destination
On the day of arrival

Top or bottom
Of which ever ladder you choose

Recognize your inherent gifts

Love that instills security
Joy that infuses passion
Gratitude that brings contentment

Tap that source within
Reap the rewards and
The precarious ladder will lose its grip.
Consciousness will become your success!

The Gift..


Red rose
White rose
Yellow rose

Of passion and sensuality
Of purity and clarity
Of friendship and warmth

At first they bud
Then they bloom
Slowly the petals cascade on down..

Even when dried and wrinkled
Fragrant of character they still are
So What’s to reflect and enjoy continues to be ever present…

My, What lessons to learn!
What insights to behold!
What awe to witness!

So next time when gifting the rose
Know I shall be returned
Not only to the smile of gratitude,
But also the circle of life
Where true essence never dies…

Pot of Gold

pot of gold

In the most fragile of vessels
Made of the most prolific compounds
Constructed of ingenious design
Desired by its inhabitant until the day of demise…
Is Gold!

This vessel is your immediate location
Outer shell pierce-able by as little as a pin prick
Yet strong enough it withstands all the woes of its lifespan…

This vessel is your means of transportation
Yet no wheels, no wings
And without motion takes you around the globe and back in seconds…

So much is possible in this vessel
So much is attributed to this ‘pot’
Yet comes a time when it will not glow
It will not wonder
It will not move…

Because without the ‘Gold’
The pot is empty
The pot decays
The pot is dirt!

Amidst the work of the Gold
All attention is paid to the pot
The pot is acknowledged
The pot is revered
The Gold is unknown….
For many the search for Gold is the goal
The search is started, interrupted, elusive
Returning to praising and adoring the pot!!

Focused and steadfast
Still and present
Know your Gold!!
As so long as you have your ‘pot’
So too do you have your ‘Gold’.

Beneath The Surface

gnarled tree

Ginormous and daunting
Grotesquely gnarled
Unbalanced and crooked

Surrounded by unequivocal beauty
Placid allure
Tactile comfort

Indignant !

Is this not what we all have felt?
Is this not how we have judged ourselves?

But wait !
Are we not all woven from the same cloth, the same dirt, the same chemical compositions?!

Has not the Maker granted
To each his time,
To each his aspirations,
To each his guiding force?


So see past the sense of sight
Feel past the sense of touch
Allow the heart to lead…

Gnarled or glittering
Strong or timid,
Feed the flow of kindness
And appreciate what truth lies beneath the surface.

Skin or bark!



Audible fan fair
Visible beams of grandeur
Celebrations afoot

Clinking of glasses
Laughter and conversation
Acquaintances to life long friendships

Words of acknowledgement
Tears of gratitude
And embraces heartfelt

From bursts of fun to long lasting happiness
From festive frolic to true joy
From momentary surprises to constant enjoyment

Receive and reflect
Understand the possibilities
As time and presence collide

Enjoy the times
Make the memories
Treasure your companions

Oh, what it is to celebrate!
Behold the opportunities!!
And take none for granted!!!

Elusively Possible


Flowering blossom
Atop a thistle leathered dermis
In the middle of the arid desert

Refreshing aqua drops
Form a puff of seemingly nothingness
Quenches the thirsty on solid ground…

Within the mortal shell of this being
Lays the priceless gem
Powering all for the unknowing mortal..

Yet still
We search endlessly
For all joys and pleasures externally.

So turn the eyes inwards
Muffle the ears from the outside noise
And find the infinite, waiting patiently
To be your one true friend…….