Let it Swing!


A little splash of color
A little depth then subdued
Colors, contours, crevices
All Nature’s depiction of life.

Is this not like the pendulum swing
The momentum of life events?
Milestones, crises, inevitables
A little excitement
A little drama
A little discontent…

Through the dynamic process of both,
Nature and one’s life span
There is but one constant,
The flow of energy
Without which there is no color, no events, no experience..

So look and see the surface element,
Pleasing and displeasing.
But don’t stop there
Go a little deeper
Feel the flow
Put on your skates, find your wings
Ride and fly.

For here is true living
No definition, no judgment
Pure and simple joy
Clarity in existence;
And appreciation for making
The rank of the living….

Simply Pure


Pure and simple
Honest clarity
Fragrantly supreme

Elegant eloquence
Creative climax
Divine design

Picturesque perfection
Delving deep
Leading the lost

All beauty has a unique way of taking the beholder back to the source of where the perception is rooted… Within!


lovers (2)

Face upturned she weeps tears of joy at the sight of her radiant love..
Looking down he zones in on her to end the quest of his search.

The union even undenied by distance, stands transfixed
As each on its own is complete, yet together, magnify love and joy.

Such is this inner-outer self,
As when connected and accepted,
When understood and revered
The union is second to none..

Radiant beams flow from within
As the source to all is tapped,
The union cherished,
No space for division and no power to deny…

Lovers to lovers
In all their realms,
Search, find
And bask in glorious unions…

Birds of a Feather Flock Together….


Hey you!”, said #1
“Come on up here, the view is amazing!”

“I know what you mean!” said #2
Never disagreeing with the man above

“Fine and dandy for them” said #3
“There’s clearly no more room at the top”

“I don’t want to hear your whining!” said #4
turning away

“Quit your bickering” said #5
“At least we are safe down here”

Oblivious to the trials of reaching the top
#6 and 7 are clearly lateral thinkers going their own way!

Have you got to the top of your game?
Are you helping the next man up?
Or are you looking up
Wondering if your success trip is too risky to make?

Wherein lies your real success?

It’s in knowing you are here
In this space
In this time

So whatever your stance
Enjoy the dance
As you reached your destination
On the day of arrival

Top or bottom
Of which ever ladder you choose

Recognize your inherent gifts

Love that instills security
Joy that infuses passion
Gratitude that brings contentment

Tap that source within
Reap the rewards and
The precarious ladder will lose its grip.
Consciousness will become your success!

The Gift..


Red rose
White rose
Yellow rose

Of passion and sensuality
Of purity and clarity
Of friendship and warmth

At first they bud
Then they bloom
Slowly the petals cascade on down..

Even when dried and wrinkled
Fragrant of character they still are
So What’s to reflect and enjoy continues to be ever present…

My, What lessons to learn!
What insights to behold!
What awe to witness!

So next time when gifting the rose
Know I shall be returned
Not only to the smile of gratitude,
But also the circle of life
Where true essence never dies…

Pot of Gold

pot of gold

In the most fragile of vessels
Made of the most prolific compounds
Constructed of ingenious design
Desired by its inhabitant until the day of demise…
Is Gold!

This vessel is your immediate location
Outer shell pierce-able by as little as a pin prick
Yet strong enough it withstands all the woes of its lifespan…

This vessel is your means of transportation
Yet no wheels, no wings
And without motion takes you around the globe and back in seconds…

So much is possible in this vessel
So much is attributed to this ‘pot’
Yet comes a time when it will not glow
It will not wonder
It will not move…

Because without the ‘Gold’
The pot is empty
The pot decays
The pot is dirt!

Amidst the work of the Gold
All attention is paid to the pot
The pot is acknowledged
The pot is revered
The Gold is unknown….
For many the search for Gold is the goal
The search is started, interrupted, elusive
Returning to praising and adoring the pot!!

Focused and steadfast
Still and present
Know your Gold!!
As so long as you have your ‘pot’
So too do you have your ‘Gold’.



There is a house
There is a light
There is fog
There is a foghorn…

The house is of visible splendor
But with no light there is no home…

There are distractions from the light
Murky and misty, obscuring the way…

But wait..
There are alerts to warn of the dangers
And most of all, there is the Keeper.

The Keeper knows all the signs
The keeper knows just how to direct
The keeper knows just when he is needed..

So live soundly in your house
Make your house your home
Listen to the keeper and find your light
Light with fervor and fight
Break through all the dangers
Anchor secure and steady
Rest and relax in your home
And learn to become
The Keeper of your Light!!

Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!

A pot of boiling water..
How does it boil?
Energy applied increases its molecular activity
Movement occurs
Eventually the water evaporates
Some say it disappears
But no it has just changed
As it reappears as steam and condensation…

We have our own ‘pot’
Our pot is the Heart.
It’s contents?
Love, Joy, and Kindness!

A rumbling starts
The beginnings of a thirst
A wish to feel the contents of the heart.
We know there’s something there
Perhaps solid
Perhaps buried..

As the thirst forms and strengthens
There is a quiver, a beat, and then a rhythm
Finally a flow, up and over the rim
You think your pot will run dry
But it does not.
Your think you will lose your love and joy
But you don’t.
The heart is bottomless
And your thirst is endless!!

Whatever it touches or sprays
May feel a glow and kindness,
It may even trigger another’s thirst.

This power is incalculable,
Awakened it sustains the living
With fervor and zest,
Dormant it silently patiently awaits
With no agenda of its own.

Your temperature setting
Is a choice of your own..
How is your ‘pot’?
Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!


Almost buried…
The turmoil of each day.

Hopefully assertive…
The instinct formed by survived days.

Resoundingly hopeful…
The infused remnants from days enjoyed.

The understanding from true love.

All in a day
The fight is on
The win is claimed…
The gift of conscious living.